Jabra Call Control for Genesys Cloud WebRTC

Genesys Cloud WebRTC comes with out-of-the-box call control support for Jabra Devices.
It works both for the Genesys Cloud desktop app and through the Chrome web browser.

Please follow the Genesys help pages to configure a Jabra headset: https://help.mypurecloud.com/articles/configure-a-jabra-headset/

Jabra Call Control for Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition

Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition does not come with out-of-the-box call control integration for Jabra devices.

To get call control working you will need to install the Call Control plug-in for Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition.
For select devices, it is also possible to have a dedicated button for ending an interaction. To make that button work the End Interaction plug-in for Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition need to be installed.

Call Control Plug-In

Supported devices:

  • All professional Jabra headsets.

Supported device features:

  • Device ringer.
  • Accept/reject incoming calls.
  • Microphone mute synchronization.
  • End active call.
  • Hold/resume.

End Interaction Plug-In

Supported devices:

  • The following Jabra headsets: Jabra BIZ 2300, Jabra LINK 260, Jabra LINK 265, and Jabra BIZ 2400 II CC.

Supported device features:

  • Interactions in Genesys Workspace Desktop Client can be marked as done from the headset controller provided the Interaction is in a state where this is possible.

Installation Guide

Read the Installation Guide to learn how to integrate these plug-ins.

System Requirements

Genesys Workspace version supported:

  • Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition version 8.5.

Operating systems supported:

  • Windows 64 bit, Windows 8.1 or newer.
  • Windows 32 bit, Windows 8.1 or newer.


Title Version Last Updated Link Link
🔽 Plug-in for Call Control 1.0.1117.0 Aug 2017 Download Source Code
🔽 Plug-in for End Interaction 1.0.1116.0 Aug 2017 Download Source Code

For older versions, please see the archive.