Jabra Developer Zone

The Jabra SDKs enable you to integrate and deploy Jabra devices as value-adding digital components in your software system solutions. Take advantage of features such as remote call-control, audio optimization, workflow support, and real-time call-profiling data to deliver a best-in-class user experience to your customers.

The run-time API libraries included allow your applications to configure, activate, control, and monitor Jabra devices to make them support your voice and video solutions in a highly integrated manner. All without need for stand-alone run-time services on the client computer.

Jabra SDKs are available for a Windows (C, C#), Mac (C, Objective-C) and Linux (C) platforms, as well as with adapters comprising plug-ins and language wrappers for node.js and browser-based (Chrome) JavaScript environments. Our Dev Zone forums, FAQs, whitepapers, ‘how to’ guides and support ticketing system guarantees you a problem free, fast integration sprint.

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