This chapter contains general documentation about Jabra Integration.

These cover for example:

  • How integration with Jabra devices works at large
  • Practical samples of integration use cases
  • Which Jabra device series actually support Jabra SDK functionality
  • How Data Telemetry with Jabra devices works in general
  • How you implement a Data Telemetry use case in practice

Use these docs to get an overview before you start your first integration project.

PDF Documentation

Some older documentation is still provided as PDF document.

Title Version Last Updated Link
Softphone Meta-code for Jabra device interfacing 1.2 May 2021 Download PDF

Online Documentation

All our current docs are provided as online content.

Benefits of online content are:

  • You can navigate the whole content via the navigation menu
  • Use the search function on this page to find specific content
  • Use a Google Search to find specific content

All online documentation is freely accessible without a login.