Partner Key for Jabra Integration

You can use your Partner Key for all integrations with Jabra SDK libraries. One Partner Key covers all your integrations.


Using a Partner Key has following benefits:

  • You receive free Integration Support on Jabra Developer Zone
  • Mitigation of co-existence issues with other applications (that also integrate Jabra SDK libraries)

Please use a Partner Key for every integration.


A Partner Key looks like this:


How to get

Every registered user of Jabra Developer Zone has access to a Partner Key in the member area.

Do this to get your Partner Key:

  1. Login to the member area of Jabra Developer Zone.
  2. Switch to Partner Key in the dropdown menu.
  3. Copy the displayed Partner Key.


The API Keys are predecessors of the Partner Key. Every integration needed a separate API Key.


An API Key looks like this:


API Keys are not in use any more. Support for API Keys ceased in October 2021.