Telemetry data provides an in-depth insight into the practical use of Jabra devices.

  • Environmental variables like Background Noise
  • User interactions with the device like changing volume (Volume Up Tap or Volume Down Tap)
  • Device information like Firmware Version or Device Connection Type

Jabra devices can be headsets, video cameras or speakerphones.

Device Support

Telemetry data is automatically generated by the device. The support for specific datapoints depends on the device model and its firmware version.

Devices with a comprehensive support of telemetry datapoints are for example:

  • Jabra Engage 50 II
  • Jabra Engage 65
  • Jabra Engage 75
  • Jabra PanaCast 50

SDK Support

These Jabra SDKs generally support telemetry datapoints:

  • SDK for Browser
  • SDK for Linux
  • SDK for macOS
  • SDK for Node.js
  • SDK for PanaCast
  • SDK for Window

The degree of support for individual datapoints can vary between different SDKs. Compare the documentation of the datapoint Bluetooth Link Quality for an example of this.

These Jabra SDKs do not support telemetry datapoints:

  • SDK for JavaScript
  • SDK for .NET

Data telemetry support may be added to these SDKs in future versions.

Datapoint Subscription

You have to subscribe to datapoints via Jabra SDK library. This will yield the requested telemetry data. The documentation includes code samples for the subscription of each datapoint.