Device Connection Type

Displays the used connection type for a device:

  • Bluetooth (only via USB dongle)
  • USB (including DECT devices)

Note: For native Bluetooth connections no connection type is recorded. Native Bluetooth connections do not use a USB dongle.


Name in Jabra SDK DeviceAddedEventArgs.Device.DeviceConnectionType
Trigger Device is connected..
Event Subscription IDeviceService.DeviceAdded
Value Range Bluetooth

Code Sample

The code sample demonstrates the event subscription. It shows how to parse the event to get back the data for the datapoint.

using System;
using JabraSDK;

namespace Jabra.TelemetryExample
    public class TelemetryPrinter
        public TelemetryPrinter(IDeviceService deviceService)
            deviceService.DeviceAdded += OnDeviceAddedEvent;

        private void OnDeviceAddedEvent(object sender, DeviceAddedEventArgs e)
            Console.WriteLine($"Device connection type: {e.Device.DeviceConnectionType}");