This documentation introduces you to some examples of the Jabra SDK library APIs and callbacks, allowing any application developer to integrate with the PanaCast 50 features.

Device Features

PanaCast 50 features are:

  • three 13-megapixel cameras with
  • 180° panoramic-4K
  • real-time video stitching that captures participants without visual lag or distortion
  • eight beamforming microphones for precise voice detection and clear communication
  • four powerful stereo speakers that support full-duplex audio and are free of sound clipping
  • realtime whiteboard content streaming

Dual video streams allow you to display the whiteboard and meeting participants for enhanced collaboration simultaneously.

AI Features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) features are:

  • Intelligent Zoom, which automatically detects and focuses on participants in a meeting
  • Virtual Director, which automatically focuses on the speaking participants in engaging meetings
  • People Count, which manages meeting room usage and capacity and notifies the user if the room capacity has exceeded the limit