Jabra devices are designed with the agent in the center. Depending on your model, Jabra Devices enable agents to control calls with greater efficiency.
Jabra Call Control for the NICE CXone MAX softphone is a web based solution, that allows the agents to take advantage of the full set of call control features of their Jabra headset when using MAX.

Release Notes Version 1.0.1

This is the first version of the Jabra Call Control for NICE CXone MAX, which enables call control for Jabra devices.
Based on the capabilities of the Jabra device, the following actions are supported:

  • Accepting and rejecting incoming calls
  • Ending ongoing calls
  • Hold and resume calls
  • Mute and unmute calls
  • Basic management of multiple ongoing calls


The solution hosted by Jabra is easy to set up, it has high availability and updates are directly available. It is the recommended way of integrating Jabra devices with MAX.

Alternatively, the solution can also be self-hosted. Compare the deployment guide for more information.

Current Version

Title Version Last Updated
Jabra Call Control for NICE CXone MAX 1.0.1 May 2022 Download (requires login)