Device Certification

A certification guarantees a defined level of Device Integration for a specific combination of software and device model.

Certification vs. Compatibility

It is important to distinguish between Device Certification and Device Compatibility. A device without certification can and usually is compatible with a certain software. This may even include advanced functionality.

Example: Most software manufacturers implement for example Device Integration for Jabra into their software without any certification. Which means that you can use Call Control by hardware button presses even with a non-certified device.

Device Variants

Most professional Jabra devices are sold in two different variants:

  • MS Teams variant – Certified only for MS Teams client software
  • UC variant – Certified for several UC clients softwares (but not for MS Teams)

Example: Headset Engage 50 II

The headset Engage 50 II – respective its controller Engage Link II – is for certified for:

Headset variant Certification
MS Teams - Microsoft Teams
UC - Zoom
- Google Meet
- Works with Chromebook

Exclusive features of the MS Teams variant are for example:

  • Plug-and-Play: Headset configures automatically as default audio device in MS Teams
  • Teams button: A button press will bring MS Teams window to the foreground
  • Teams notification: A blinking LED in MS Teams colors notifies about a missed call

The UC variant lacks the exclusive features of the MS variant. But even the UC variant does support advanced features like Call Control by hardware button presses.

Buying Recommendation

A buying recommendation depends on the intended use case:

  • MS Teams as the primarily used UC Client: Buy the MS Teams variant
  • All other use cases: Buy the UC variant

This will ensure best user experience for the respective use cases. All other combinations are also expected to work.