Release Notes

Jabra ChromeHost (Chrome Extension)

Version 2.3

Supports Chrome Extension Manifest V3.

Version 2.1 (aka "Browser Integration Extension")

Supports Chrome Extension Manifest V2.

Javascript API Client File 3.0

  • Analytics API (Preview)
    • The analytics module will analyze DevLog events and turn them into human readable statistics.

Jabra ChromeHost

Jabra ChromeHost (Windows) 2.1

  • Original release of version 2.1 was in November 2021. In this package, the file libjabra.dll was not digitally signed.
  • Reupload of the updated version 2.1 in 2022-12-01. In this package, the file libjabra.dll is digitally signed. Apart from that no changes. For this reason, the version remained the same.

To get the signed version, just download the latest version.

Jabra ChromeHost (macOS) 2.1.1

  • Update ChromeHost for Mac to support Big Sur.