Known Issues and Limitations

Known Issues

Known issues for the current SDK version:

  • Webpack doesn't pack the console app properly for Node.js apps (e.g. Electron):
    • Error message: UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Cannot find native console app. Please make sure you have installed the SDK correctly.
    • Work-around: Adding externals: ["@gnaudio/jabra-js/node-cjs"] to the Webpack config file fixes the issue in certain situations
  • Jabra Speak 410 (UC version) and Jabra Speak 510 (UC version) are not recognized on Chrome OS
  • Linux with Device Connector: The Easy Call Control module sometimes misinterprets reject call signals from wireless devices as accept call

Known Limitations

Known limitations for the current SDK version:

  • Organization key and app name do not support UTF-8. The only supported character set is ASCII.
  • Caveats with multiple connection paths to a device (e.g. headset connected both through USB cable and USB Bluetooth dongle).
  • Call lock interference between applications using jabra-js and other libraries. There are cases in which call locking a child device simultaneously in both jabra-js and older Jabra libraries is possible. This may lead to interference in operation of the device in the two applications if trying to use the device simultaneously.

Jabra Direct – Preferred Softphone

The setting Preferred Softphone in Jabra Direct has no effect on a Web Application with Device Connector.

Affected client systems use:

  1. macOS operating system
  2. Jabra Direct application
  3. Web Application with Device Connector (integrated with SDK for JavaScript).

Reason: The Device Connector for macOS is not able to read the Preferred Softphone setting of Jabra Direct application.