The Jabra SDK for Linux contains libraries, examples, and documentation to integrate the digital features of Jabra devices into applications on Linux (Ubuntu and derivatives).

The SDK supports the following environment:

  • C-level managed API for native Linux applications through header files and a dynamic link library.

Integration Options

Native Desktop Application

Jabra SDK for Linux: Desktop Application)
The SDK library supports native desktop applications in Linux.


All features of this SDK are documented on the SDK Overview page.

Features addressable in the C-library

The C-library of following SDK variants provides identical features:

  • SDK for Windows
  • SDK for macOS
  • SDK for Linux

All libraries share the same interface and use identical function calls.

Features addressable through a Wrapper

Supported wrappers for this SDK-family are:

SDK Variant Wrapper for C-library Target System
SDK for Windows C#-Wrapper Windows
SDK for macOS Objective-C Wrapper macOS
SDK for Linux --- Linux

These wrappers provide only limited access to the features of the C-library. And they are specific for each operating system.

Required Prior Knowledge

Working with this software requires prior knowledge in:

Ensure that you are familiar with these topics before your start your own integration.

System requirements

Development System

  • Recommended Linux distribution: Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 LTS (64-bit)
  • Qt Creator: Required for working with the demo source code.
  • Network connection

For most of the SDK functionality a network connection is required. During device discovery, information about the device is retrieved from Jabra server and stored locally. Default storage location is /tmp/Resources which can be changed by setting the LIBJABRA_RESOURCE_PATH environment variable.

Target System

To support the Jabra_UploadRingtone() API, the SDK requires the ffmpeg program to be installed on the end user’s machine. If the ffmpeg program is not installed, ringtone upload will fail.

Known Limitations

The detection of non-Jabra devices is not supported by the current release of SDK for Linux.


Current Version

  Version Generation Last Updated Download
SDK for Linux Gen.2 Jun 2022 Download (requires login)

Legacy Versions

  Version Generation Last Updated Download Archived Documentation
SDK for Linux Gen.2 Mar 2022 Download (requires login) Docs 1.11.1
SDK for Linux Gen.2 Sep 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.10.1
SDK for Linux Gen.2 Jun 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.9.0
SDK for Linux Gen.2 Apr 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.8.8