This SDK variant contains a library that you can integrate in native desktop applications for macOS.

Integration Options

Option A) Native Desktop Application

Jabra SDK for macOS: Desktop Application)
The library supports direct integration for Native Desktop Applications in macOS.

Option B) Objective-C Application

Jabra SDK for macOS: Objective-C Wrapper)
An integration via Objective-C Wrapper is easier to implement than a direct integration with the library.


All features of this SDK are documented on the SDK Overview page.

Features addressable in the C-library

The C-library of following SDK variants provides identical features:

  • SDK for Windows
  • SDK for macOS
  • SDK for Linux

All libraries share the same interface and use identical function calls.

Features addressable through a Wrapper

Supported wrappers for this SDK-family are:

SDK Variant Wrapper for C-library Target System
SDK for Windows C#-Wrapper Windows
SDK for macOS Objective-C Wrapper macOS
SDK for Linux --- Linux

These wrappers provide only limited access to the features of the C-library. And they are specific for each operating system.

Required Prior Knowledge

Working with this software requires prior knowledge in:

Ensure that you are familiar with these topics before your start your own integration.

System Requirements

Software Platform

  • macOS 11
  • macOS 12
  • macOS 13
  • Xcode 10.3/11
  • Curl libraries

An Internet connection is also required.

Hardware Platform

Hardware support depends on the chosen integration option:

Hardware Platform Native Desktop Application Objective-C Application
Intel x86
Intel x64
Apple ARM64*  

* for example Apple M1 or Apple M2

Known Limitations

Jabra SDK for macOS does not provide:

  • Support for sandbox mode
  • Compatibility with Apple App Store


Current Version

  Version Generation Last Updated Download
SDK for macOS Gen.2 Jun 2022 Download (requires login)

Legacy Versions

  Version Generation Last Updated Download Archived Documentation
SDK for macOS Gen.2 Mar 2022 Download (requires login) Docs 1.11.1
SDK for macOS Gen.2 Sep 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.10.1
SDK for macOS Gen.2 Jun 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.9.0
SDK for macOS Gen.2 Apr 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.8.8