Jabra provides two dedicated plug-ins for Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition:

  • Plug-in for Call Control
  • Plug-in for End Interaction

Both plug-ins enable Jabra device integration.

Plug-In for Call Control

This plug-in provides Call Control functionality. Use the control buttons to accept and end a call, mute or put a call on hold. Your Workspace admin console allows you to customize your headsets and decide which functionality is available to your agent.

Supported devices:

  • All professional Jabra headsets

Supported device features:

  • Device ringer
  • Accept/reject incoming calls
  • Microphone mute synchronization
  • End active call
  • Hold/resume

Plug-In for End Interaction

Streamline the interaction of your agents with the Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition application by putting the frequent interactions right at your agents’ fingertips. Out of the box, the Plug-in reprograms contact center specific headsets to manage your agents’ sessions. A simple button press ends an active session.

You can also use the provided framework to develop your own custom solution and assign any of the Workspace commands to dedicated buttons on the headset.

Supported Jabra devices are for example:

  • Biz 2300 headsets
  • Link 260 adapter with QD headset
  • Link 265 adapter with QD headset
  • Biz 2400 II CC headsets

General requirement:

System Requirements


  • Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition version 8.5

Operating system:

  • Windows 64 bit, Windows 8.1 or newer
  • Windows 32 bit, Windows 8.1 or newer


Current Versions

Title Version Last Updated Link
Plug-in for Call Control 1.0.1117.0 Aug 2017 Download (requires login)
Plug-in for Call Control (Source Code) 1.0.1117.0 Aug 2017 Download (requires login)
Plug-in for End Interaction 1.0.1116.0 Aug 2017 Download (requires login)
Plug-in for End Interaction (Source Code) 1.0.1116.0 Aug 2017 Download (requires login)