What happens, if I connect several Jabra headsets to an agent's computer at the same time?
The app will use the most recently connected headset for Call Control.

Recommendation: Connect only one Jabra headset to an agent's computer at the same time.

Does the app work with other headsets than Jabra?
No, it does not. It works only with professional Jabra headsets.

Which languages does the app support?
The app is provided with English phrases but is fully translatable to any language. More information on Salesforce Help.

Conversation Coach

Can you adjust threshold values?
Yes. Threshold values for the Conversation Coach are customizable. Settings can be defined globally, for profiles or individual users by the Salesforce admin.

You find the settings in SetupCustom CodeCustom SettingsJabraSettings.

How does the app know when users are cross-talking?
The headset detects whether the agent is talking or the customer. When both speak at the same time, it is technically crosstalk. But the Conversation Coach will show a crosstalk alert only, if the crosstalk extends the defined threshold time as defined in the settings.

Why is the Conversation Coach not showing alerts every time a threshold is exceeded?
During a single call, each alert will pop up only once per alert type. It does not matter, how often the threshold value for this alert type is exceeded. This avoids flooding the user with repetitive alerts for the same reason.

Data Privacy

What about GDPR / data privacy concerns?
Data is read from the Jabra headset and processed within the web browser at the agent computer. None of this data leaves the agent's computer.