This app provides Jabra device integration for Salesforce with Amazon Connect.

Integration Options

Jabra for Salesforce
Jabra for Salesforce requires additional software components on the local computer.


Call Control

This feature allows the agent to control calls by hardware buttons on the headset.

You can use hardware buttons for following actions:

  • CallView, Answer, Mute, End, Mute, Hold, Resume
  • Availability stateView, Toggle
  • Agent StateView, Toggle

Conversation Coach

The utility Conversation Coach detects potential flaws during a call. It informs the agent by popup and provides suggestions for improvement.

It offers following metrics:

  • Background noise level – ambient noise in the room surrounding the agent
  • Periods of call silence – extended periods where neither the agent nor the customer speak
  • Cross talk – instances where agent and customer speak over each other

This data is analyzed in real-time in the browser of the agent's computer.


Jabra for Salesforce
The app Salesforce for Jabra integrates into the Salesforce GUI.


  Version Last Updated Download
Jabra for Salesforce 1.10 Dec 2022 Go to AppExchange
Amazon Connect CTI Adapter     Go to AppExchange
ChromeHost for Windows     Go to Jabra SDK for Browser
ChromeHost for macOS     Go to Jabra SDK for Browser
Chrome Extension for ChromeHost     Go to Jabra SDK for Browser