Jabra for Salesforce has been designed for use cases with connected components on different levels. Please check carefully if all requirements are fulfilled on each level before you start your integration.

Required Prior Knowledge

Working with this software requires prior knowledge in:

Ensure that you are familiar with these topics before your start your own integration.

Salesforce (cloud level)

Requirements are:

  • Salesforce (org): Salesforce entity configured with the namespace amazonconnect
  • Amazon Connect CTI Adapter (app): Integrates Amazon Connect into Salesforce
  • Jabra for Salesforce (app): Enables device integration for professional Jabra headsets with Amazon Connect

Agent's computer (client level)

Requirements are:

  • Operating System: Either Windows or macOS
  • Browser: Google Chrome 87 or higher. Other chromium based browsers are also expected to work
  • ChromeHost (Windows or macOS): Connects the Jabra device with the operating system
  • ChromeHost (Chrome Extension): Connects Salesforce (browser level) with the Chrome Host (operating system level)

Headset (device level)


General requirements are:

  • Call Control support for Jabra SDK (essential)
  • Data Telemetry support for the Conversation Coach (optional)
  • Programmable button for the use as Agent State button (optional)

Feature Support for specific headsets

Feature support can vary even between different headset models of the same series.

Please compare the following table for Jabra Engage:

Headset Connection Call Control Agent State (default button) Conversation Coach
Engage 40 USB ✅ (Three-dot button)
Engage 50 USB ✅ (Four-dot button)
Engage 50 II USB ✅ (Three-dot button)
Engage 55 DECT
Engage 65 DECT
Engage 75 DECT