SDK for Windows contains several libraries and a demo application for the integration of Jabra devices in Desktop Applications.

Integration Options

Option A) Native Desktop Application

Jabra SDK for Windows: Native Desktop Application)
The Native Desktop Application addresses the C library directly.

Option B) .NET Desktop Application

Jabra SDK for Windows: .NET Desktop Application)
The .NET Application addresses the C library through the C# wrapper.

Choosing a suitable integration option depends on following criteria:

Criteria C-library C#-wrapper
Programming Language C C#
Feature Support Full feature support. Limited feature support.
GUI Support C does not offer any GUI functionality. You have to build this on your own. C# offers GUI support out-of-the-box with the .NET framework.
Software Roll-out Target system does not need additional software. Target system needs .NET framework installation.
Recommended Use Case - GUI-less applications or
- applications that require the full functionality of the C-library

- standard applications like UC Clients with GUI


All features of this SDK are documented on the SDK Overview page.

Features addressable in the C-library

The C-library of following SDK variants provides identical features:

  • SDK for Windows
  • SDK for macOS
  • SDK for Linux

All libraries share the same interface and use identical function calls.

Features addressable through a Wrapper

Supported wrappers for this SDK-family are:

SDK Variant Wrapper for C-library Target System
SDK for Windows C#-Wrapper Windows
SDK for macOS Objective-C Wrapper macOS
SDK for Linux --- Linux

These wrappers provide only limited access to the features of the C-library. And they are specific for each operating system.

Required Prior Knowledge

Working with this software requires prior knowledge in:

Ensure that you are familiar with these topics before your start your own integration.

Developers also have to be familiar with:

  • The Programming language C for Native Desktop Applications
  • The Programming language C# and the .NET framework for .NET Desktop Applications
  • Microsoft Visual Studio development environment

System Requirements

Development System

  • Windows 10 and above (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and above
  • Internet connection

Target System

  • Windows 10 and above (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 and above for .NET Desktop Applications
  • Internet connection


  • x86
  • x64
  • ARM64


Current Version

  Version Generation Last Update Download
SDK for Windows Gen.2 Jun 2022 Download (requires login)

Legacy Versions

  Version Generation Last Update Download Archived Documentation
SDK for Windows Gen.2 Jan 2022 Download (requires login) Docs 1.11.1
SDK for Windows Gen.2 Sep 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.10.1
SDK for Windows Gen.2 Jun 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.9.0
SDK for Windows Gen.2 May 2021 Download (requires login) Docs 1.8.8