Automatic Firmware Updates

Microsoft Teams Rooms: Automatic Firmware Updates
Microsoft Teams Rooms updates the firmware of certified Jabra devices automatically.

Firmware Release Process

The release process for automatic firmware updates on MTR systems works like this:

  1. Jabra releases a firmware release for a Jabra device
  2. Jabra submits a driver package to Microsoft for Windows Update
  3. Microsoft approves the driver package (duration: up to 14 days)
  4. Windows Update gradually rolls out the driver package (duration: up to 30 days)
  5. Once the driver package has been rolled out, it is available via Windows Update on the MTR system

By default, updated driver packages will be installed on the MTR system when available. The administrator can schedule the update if required.

Initial Installation of Jabra Firmware Updater service

The initial installation for the first use of a Jabra device is like this:

  1. User connects the device to a USB port of the MTR system
  2. Plug-and-Play loads a matching inbox driver for the device. Inbox drivers are provided by Windows and typically have standard functionality
  3. Windows Update then does the following:
    • scans online for available OEM driver updates. OEM drivers are provided by the device manufacturer and typically provide advanced functionality
    • detects and downloads the Jabra extension driver
    • installs the extension driver. The extension driver requires the Jabra Firmware Updater component driver
    • downloads and installs the component driver. The Jabra Firmware Updater service is part of the component driver
  4. The component driver configures the MTR system to start the Jabra Firmware Updater service

Now the MTR system will automatically update the firmware of supported Jabra devices.

Schedule of Automatic Firmware Updates

Automatic Firmware updates in MTR are scheduled:

  • By default, MTR systems reboot every night. This is the normal maintenance procedure for MTR systems.
  • The exact time of the reboot is predefined by the manufacturer of the MTR system.
  • Jabra Firmware Updater service will check and update the firmware of Jabra devices as part of the nightly reboot.

The whole process is fully automated, it requires no user interaction if you use MTR certified Jabra devices.