Manual Firmware Update

If automatic firmware updates fail, a manual firmware update is the first step in troubleshooting.

Microsoft Teams Rooms: Manual Firmware Updates

Use Jabra Direct for manual firmware updates. Use another computer than the MTR system for this task.

How to update a Jabra device

You will need to reboot the device before you perform a manual firmware update.

  1. Walk to the room with the MTR controller
  2. Unplug the Jabra device from the MTR controller
  3. If the device uses an external power supply, disconnect this as well. This will force the device to reboot
  4. Plug the Jabra device into your laptop (either MacOS or Windows)
  5. Update the device firmware with Jabra Direct
  6. Check if the firmware update has been successful
  7. Go to Help\Advanced support in Jabra Direct
  8. Press the button Generate Diagnostics Support. This will generate the file Jabra Direct Diagnostic
  9. Disconnect the Jabra device from your laptop
  10. Reconnect the Jabra device to the MTR controller

Case A) Update failed

This indicates that the Jabra device might be the cause of the problem.

Do this:

  1. Contact Jabra Product Support
  2. Provide the diagnostic report from Jabra Direct to the support team, if requested

Case B) Update successful

This indicates that components other than the Jabra device might be the cause of the problem.

Do this:

  1. Contact Jabra Developer Support
  2. Create a support ticket. You need to sign up as a member for this (free of charge)
  3. Attach all available log files to the support ticket:
    • JabraCmdlineFwUpdaterLog.txt
    • log.txt
    • JabraFWUEvtLog.evtx
    • Jabra Direct Diagnostic