If automatic updates fail, you have to diagnose the problem.

Manual check of firmware versions

A manual check of installed firmware versions will tell you, if automatic firmware updates on your MTR system are working or not.

Check the installed firmwares:

  • with Teams Admin Center (remotely, for all devices in a corporate network)
  • with Jabra Direct (for individual devices that are connected to the computer)

Check the latest available firmware version:

  • in the device support section of
  • with Jabra Direct

Windows Update distributes new firmware versions within 44 days after the initial firmware release on If your installed firmware is older, there might be problems with the automatic firmware updates on your MTR system.

Automatic Driver Update settings

The installation of Jabra drivers is controlled by the Plug and Play (PnP) system and Windows Update. Firmware updates work only if device driver updates are enabled.

How to check driver updates enablement

  1. Open Device installation settings
  2. Check if the radio button “Yes (recommended)” is selected

This option is selected by default.

Registry Path for MTR settings

An MTR system is identified by a specific registry setting. This distinguishes a standard Windows from an MTR operating system.

How to check registry settings

  1. Open the Registry Editor
  2. Check if this path is present: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\SkypeRoomSystem

If the path is present, the appropriate registry setting should be okay.

Installed Drivers

Automatic updates require that certain Jabra drivers are installed.

How to check installed drivers

  1. Open a CMD prompt with administrative rights
  2. Execute this command: pnputil /enum-drivers > c:\Temp\drivers.txt
  3. Open the file drivers.txt with a text editor. The text file lists all installed Third-party drivers
  4. Check if there is a driver with Class Name Firmware and Provider Name GN Audio A/S
  5. Check if there is a driver Class Name Extensions and Provider Name GN Audio A/S

Contact your IT administrator, if one or both drivers are missing. The MTR system might have specific policies that prevent device driver installations.

Firmware Updater service

This service needs to be up and running. None of the log files should report errors that interfere with automatic firmware updates.

How to check the service status

  1. Check if the Jabra device is connected to the MTR controller
  2. Open Services in Windows
  3. Check if the Jabra Firmware Updater service is installed and running
  4. Check if its Startup Type is Manual (Trigger Start). The service starts when a Jabra device is connected via USB
  5. If it has another startup type, restart the service manually. As soon as the service runs, it will subscribe to Manual (Trigger Start) automatically

How to check log files in the file system

  1. Open the hidden folder C:\ProgramData\Jabra\JabraFWUpdater
  2. Check if the file JabraCmdlineFwUpdaterLog.txt is present
  3. Check if the file log.txt is present
  4. Open available files with a text editor
  5. Check the log file for errors

How to check logs in the Event Viewer

  1. Open the Event Viewer
  2. Go to Application and Services Logs
  3. Check if the JabraFWUEvtLog exists. It will only be there if the service had actually been started
  4. Right click on the log and choose Save All Events As…
  5. Export the log with this file name: JabraFWUEvtLog.evtx
  6. Open the log in Event Viewer and check for errors

If you find relevant error messages in the logs, investigate the causes and try to fix them before you proceed.