The Jabra Firmware Updater Service for MTR automatically updates supported Jabra devices in Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) operating systems.


MTR systems consist of hardware and software components provided by different manufacturers.

Relevant components for this guide are:

Component Description
MTR Controller Basically a Windows device with a touchscreen and some specific configurations. Windows runs in Kiosk mode. It is fully accessible for an administrator as any Windows system.
Windows Update Core component of all Windows systems. Also downloads drivers and firmware for Jabra devices.
Jabra device extension driver Loads additional hardware drivers, such as the Jabra Firmware Updater component driver for the Jabra device.
Jabra Firmware Updater component driver Provides the functionality for Jabra firmware updates via MTR.
Jabra Firmware Updater service A Windows service that updates the firmware of Jabra devices. It is part of the Jabra Firmware Updater component driver.
Jabra Device In this specific context: Any Jabra device that is certified for MTR use.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Supported Not supported
MTR systems based on Windows MTR systems based on Android
Standard Windows systems that run Microsoft Teams

Supported Devices

Following Jabra devices are supported:

  • PanaCast (Model 2019)
  • PanaCast 50
  • Speak2 75

These devices are certified for MTR use.


It is generally not recommended to install Jabra Direct or Jabra Xpress on MTR systems.


The Jabra Firmware Updater Service is an integral part of Windows MTR systems. You can not download it separately.